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  • Buying Property in South Africa ()

    South Africa has one of the best Deeds Registries Systems in the world, which makes it very safe to purchase and sell property in this country. The Estate Agent is involved extensively whilst choosing a property and concluding a Deed of Sale.
  • Steps taken during transfer process of a bond ()

    What exactly happens when a mortgage bond is registered over a property during the registration process? The attorneys Dykes van Heerden Slabbert Hopkins explains in 10 easy steps.
  • Steps taken during transfer process ()

    The exact steps taken during the transfer process of a house is always a huge uncertainty. Dykes van Heerden Slabbert Hopkins Attorneys explains the process.
  • Major work on N1 highway ()

    Motorists face a major construction project on the N1 between the Plattekloof interchange and the R300 from the end of this month. It is expected to take three years to complete the project, which will include the widening of parts of the freeway.

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