Villa Cortona Retirement Village | Durbanville

Western Cape, Cape Town, Durbanville

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Villa Cortona Retirement Village -This is where you start living, without all the extra concerns.

This Retirement Village is administered according to the Housing Development Schemes for Retired Person Act (Act 65 of 1988) which stipulates that the residents in a unit needs to be 50 years or older. Please note that a Medical Evaluation may be required for any new Resident(s).

Units Villa Cortona may become available as a Re-Sale or a Rental option. Actual unit layout, availability and pricing is subject to confirmation from our office. The retirement village is fully operational with a fully equipped Care Centre. House prices (when available) should range on average from R1 800 000 to R4 000 000, Apartments (when available) from R1 200 000 to R1 600 000 and Assisted Living Suites (when available) from R800 000 to R1 000 000. Rental units (when available) should range between R7 000 and R14 000 per month, Apartments (when available) R6 000 - R7 500 per month and Assisted Living Suites (when available) R5 000 - R6 000 per month. Please note these prices are for information purposes only and is subject to confirmation of the actual unit(s) available and is subject to confirmation of the actual unit(s) available and excludes any resident levies which may be applicable to each unit. Register Online on our waiting list and we will keep you informed of availability matching your requirements.

Villa Cortona consists of Upmarket Single Title Houses of the highest quality, Sectional Title Apartments & Assisted Living Suites with balconies, secluded garden atriums & luxury verandas. The complex have a secure boundary wall with attended access, electrified fencing, 24h manned security & camera control. Facebrick finishes ensures minimal maintenance & reduced levies. All gardens are landscaped & fitted with automated irrigation.

Villa Cortona is named after a Tuscan village, also situated on a hillside, with spectacular views onto Chiana Valley and wheat lands, lies a city entrenched in history, art, culture and majestic splendour … Cortona! This village is also well known for the movie, 'Under the Tuscan Sun".

The developers of Villa Cortona Retirement Village, have recreated the noble city and all that is necessary for an active retirement in a dynamic, growing community - a time of camaraderie, learning, creativity, adventure, fitness, personal growth and just plain fun, with access to quality health care. In a nutshell, this means that all the full profit at a market relating price upon the sale of the unit will be available to you or your estate.

Villa Cortona offers you a choice of five different layouts for the houses. They range from 2 Bedroom with 1 Bathroom and Single Garage, to 2 Bedrooms with Study (optional), Open Plan Dining Room & Lounge, together with a Double Garage. In some instances the original owners removed the study to add more space to the living areas or they have created a enclosed patio for an extra living>
One and two bedroom apartments can become available and they have communal laundry facilities. Villa Cortona keeps all its residents in mind, so to ensure ease of movement the main building is equipped with elevators, ramps and stairs and also house an interior garden. Some of the apartments have parking bays in the undercover parking garage allocated to them, and with some there is even a store room available as well. Alternatively, parking is available all around the outside of the building.

The Clubhouse tends to everyone's social needs with the numerous facilities such as: Undercover entertainment areas; Social lounges with a fireplace; A ladies bar; A gym to stay fit; Library with all the books your heart desires; A restaurant that serves you surpassing cooked meals; A coffee shop; A hairdresser that knows all the styles and a laundry room. Piazza Della Republica is adjacent to the central bowling green, swimming pool and braai areas and promises to be the heart of the community while the numerous facilities enables an active and healthy retirement.

The Health Care Centre is fully equipped and operational. It is wheelchair friendly with fitted nurse calling and smoke detection systems. It consists of a 22 bed health care which offers you single and double rooms. The Bedsitters and Assisted Living Suites (consisting of 14 x 1 Bedroom, 14 Bachelor Assisted Living units) links directly with the Health Care Centre. The Health Care Centre is operated by the Pro Health Group and their specialized nominees under sectional title.

Security is a main concern for everyone, so let Villa Cortona put your mind to ease. Like the medieval fortified walls and gateways that protected Cortona's noble and their valuables for centuries, the medieval boundary wall of Villa Cortona Retirement Village are fortified with an intrusion detection system while the 24-hour attended access and camera controlled security system at the gate will ensure the peace of mind of its residents. The intercom and emergency call facility further ensure that helpis immediately available in emergencies. These security measures in place includes 24 hour guards at the Main Entrance and Intercom to each unit.

Make your voice heard in the planning of the Villages of the future by completing our Retirement Research Survey through this link . Your opinion is important to us and your completion of this would be highly appreciated.